We are a small farm located in Southern Oklahoma
Specializing in the Breeding and Preservation of Heritage Poultry.
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We are NOT a Hatchery so we do not breed for mass production, we're just a small farm that is focusing on Quality and not Quantity of the breeds we raise. We started raising fowl in 2000, although my wife and I both raised poultry when we were younger, this was not new to us. We started out with Chickens, Exotic Waterfowl and Pheasants, then we bought our first peafowl in 2001 or 2002 and it grew from there. At one time, we had 22 breeding pens of different varieties of Peafowl, from Pure Javas from Sam Chump to Opal White eyed, Bronze White eyed and others. I have served on the Board of Directors for the United Peafowl Association (UPA) as President and Vice President, In 2010 my wife and I hosted a UPA Convention here in Oklahoma.

                              My wife Tracey is the Editor for the Peafowl Today Magazine,

                             I'm the Current President for the American Sussex Association.
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Madill, Oklahoma
I'd like to invite all the Sussex Poultry Owners to drop by the ASA website check us out and join our growing family.
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We are Founding Members of the American Sussex Association
We have moved a lot of our pictures and updates to the New website, We are still working on it so excuse the dust.